St. George University School of Medicine, Grenada, Caribbean

Take your medical career anywhere in the world and
Your success even further

What will it be for you? Forensic science in South Africa, pulmonology in Taipei or maybe heart surgery in California? No matter where you want to take your medical career St. George's University is the place to start.

A History of Excellence

St. George's University is a renowned medical school with a 26-year history of expertise. From the start the idea was to create an international center of medical education uniquely designed to meet the demands of an emerging global society. As a result, our curriculum combines the best of the US and UK for a truly global perspective on medicine. Today, our ambitions are no less great. We take pride in seeing our graduates leave our campus ready to set out and impact the world of medicine in noble and humanitarian ways.

A tranquil and beautiful campus that's ideal for study.

Surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean, St. George's University School of Medicine presents a multitude of opportunities to any hard-working student who is looking to pursue a career in medicine.

Located on the True Blue Peninsula in Grenada, our School of Medicine and campus provide a secure and tranquil environment that is ideal for the study and pursuit of a medical education. The campus spreads out over 42 stunning acres containing everything from laboratories and lecture halls to dormitories, athletic centers and more. You could say it's a paradise fit for a king, but actually we built it for hard-working, dedicated students like you. And there are more than 85 countries represented here making it a culturally rich and diverse academic community.

A global medical perspective.

St. George's University created the first truly global curriculum drawing on the best of U.S. and U.K. medical systems. It is this tradition of commitment to academic leadership that has drawn Nobel Prize winners to our Academic Board, and professors and visiting scholars from the most prestigious institutions in the world, including Harvard University, London School of Tropical Health, and Rockefeller Institute. And a strong and stable faculty of 800 members, with full-time professors with an average 10 years of service in the School of Medicine. And let's not forget our prestigious clinical training affiliations with well established US and UK institutions. St. George's provides you with options that give you greater flexibility, so you can decide where you want to do your training based on where you ultimately want to practice medicine.

Student support from application to graduation and beyond

To accommodate its culturally diverse student body from all over the world, St. George's University offers unparalleled student support services ensuring that our students achieve academic success. The University's professors are known to be highly accessible and create close professional relationships with their students. The University also provides a variety of academic support services, including seminars in study skills, time management, test-taking, tutorials, the Specialized English Language Programs geared toward the study of medicine, as well as counseling and peer counseling.

5,000 graduates can't be wrong.

Once they were students, but today our some 5,000 graduates are practicing medicine in all specialties and subspecialties around the world, and each one is proud they chose St. George's University as their medical school. Here, they learned from our unique belief that a medical school should do more than just make you a doctor. It should inspire you to become an example of all the great things medicine can do. This well-practiced philosophy has propelled our graduates to take their medical expertise to more than 35 countries around the world.

Ask Dr. Angela Huang.

Dr. Angela Huang, a native of Taiwan, is just one of our graduates practicing medicine around the world. After moving to the United States she went on to pursue her undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of Minnesota. She always knew she wanted to be a doctor. But when Dr. Huang applied to medical schools she found that being a non-resident made it difficult to get into U.S. school. St. George's University was the perfect fit. The diverse community, global perspective on medicine and world of opportunities inspired her to take the international experience even further.

Dr. Huang quickly found that opportunities afforded her, and other international students, set St. George's apart. For example, while most students choose to do their clinical training in the US, she chose to do her rotations in England, where she had the chance to experience yet another culture.

After graduation from St. George's Dr. Huang decided to return home to Taiwan, where she is now completing her residency in internal medicine at Cheng-Hsin Rehabilitation and Medical Center. She has been promised a fellowship in pulmonary medicine on completion of her residency. Dr. Huang especially enjoyed knowing that she could work either at home or abroad, and believes that someday she wants to continue to broaden her multi-cultured experience that blossomed at St. George's University.

When asked what her advice would be for potential St. George's students, Dr. Huang says: This is a decision you have to live with. You will work very hard even after you graduate. It is a life-long commitment. St. George's is good preparation for what you will be doing and I definitely recommend going there.

Are you up for the challenge?

No one said it's going to be easy. This is, after all, medical school. But you should know that our graduates perform on par with US medical students on the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) Step I exam, and occasionally even exceeding them (as happened in 2000). Additionally, of the U.S.-eligible graduates who apply for residency positions, 99 percent achieved the residencies they desired. To date, nearly 5,000 of our graduates have gone on to practice in over 35 countries around the world. At St. George's University, your success is our first priority, and to ensure you get the most out of the experience, we provide a myriad of student support services and scholarship opportunities. Plus, a comprehensive financial aid program to help you successfully navigate the process from application to graduation.

To find out more about all that St. George's University can offer you, email us at and see where a St. George's University education will take you.

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